Musician | Randy Scott Carroll

Some fun photos of my friend, Randy Scott Carroll, while he was on his way through town. It was a pretty hot summer day, so I knew just the right house to head over and hang out in. Randy played a few new songs, I snapped pics with the goal of showing you all his quirky personality and musical talent! We barbecued chicken and veggies for dinner and then hit up one last spot downtown for a few last photos. All B&W.


Anniversary at Ravens Roost

Jackie and Jeff are coming up on their 4th anniversary and wanted to take some photos up in the mountains of Virginia! We went to Raven's Roost on the Blue Ridge Parkway and couldn't have asked for better lighting that evening - slightly overcast with little bursts of sun here and there. :) What a sweet, fun-loving couple. We had a great time!


Lisa + Bailey | Styled

We did a little shoot last fall! We shot in the morning with Bailey & evening with Lisa,  both in the same locations. We wanted to have a good time and no specific reason for the photos, which I love! It ended up with a strong, calm, (maybe quirky) type of vibe. I dig it! Deidre with Storm + Stress assisted with the styling and you'll see a few pieces of her jewelry throughout!

New Exports-2.jpg
New Exports-25.jpg

Wedding at the Aviary | Virginia

Matt and Kari had a small intimate wedding at the Aviary. I love this little building. They put together all the flower arrangements themselves with the wild flowers from the community market. GORGEOUS.


Engaged at IX Art Park

I had the pleasure of taking Dan and Heather's engagement photos (in Charlottesville, VA) and their wedding photos (in Palmyra, VA)! What a beautiful couple, inside and out! <3

Engaged, Central VA

Two of my beautiful, sweet friends are getting married this fall! Loved hanging out with them and taking some photos while they were in town.


Koen | Tale of a little bear

What a cutie-pie-teddy-bear. Koen deserves all the kisses and squeezes. <3 <3



Intimate Wedding at Airlie | VA

Sarah and Jamey were married at Airlie, in Warrenton VA. A beautiful couple, beautiful location, and beautiful weather... we couldn't ask for more. :) Sarah did a fantastic job putting together the details for this special day! This was a celebration with family and friends (since they were officially hitched in Vegas the previous December!!) They integrated their kids throughout the day in such sweet ways. Beautiful all the way around. See vendor list below. <3


Venue: The Loft at Airlie
Wedding Coordinator: White Pumpkin
Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception Music: Dominion Entertainment
Cake, Mini Desserts, Cookie Favors: Gateau Distinctive Cakes
Flowers: Buttercups Floral Design
Hair: Salon Emage Day Spa: Samantha Brown, Frank Pinello
Makeup: Salon Emage Day Spa: Charla Malone
Photographers: Out of Twig: Karissa Grantham, Meredith Boyce

Friends, Coffee, Vintage

These photos are from 2014, at a time that I decided not to quit two things I hadn't done in awhile - 1) curate and sell vintage clothing & 2) take photos. There was about a year that passed by where I questioned what I wanted to do with my life (not that I really had it figured out before...). But, it was one of those years where everything is turned upside down and you really have to re-think all your choices in order to come out at the end knowing who you are and what you really love. It's crazy to me now that I even questioned whether or not I wanted to be a photographer. I love it more than most things. (It's actually all that I want to be doing, all the time. let's be honest ♥︎)  I've said this elsewhere, but this is the same year I also had very little gear (no camera, computer... or a car, or job for that matter) and was starting life from scratch again. ANYWAY, this night was basically at the end of that era! We had a craft night. I went to my friend Anita's house with a borrowed camera and some vintage clothes that needed some alterations. Jess brought her sewing machine and we had a great time hanging out, dressing up, sewing clothes, drinking coffee, and simply living life.

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Chris Mancari | La Villa Maria

Ok, Chris is absolutely fabulous. We went to an old catholic school that hadn't been in use for quite some time, it was the perfect spot to play around with color and textures and show off the jewelry she is wearing (Little Paper Crane | 2012 edition!).

Karlie | Portraits

Ah... this was refreshing! These are senior photos of my little sister, from 2 years ago.

I recently attended @heckyeahphotocamp (it was SO great!). I've made some plans and goals for myself to feel reinvigorated and inspired. I’m redoing my website. I want to create new blog posts (of old stuff) with an editing style that’s more consistent. Looking back is so interesting! and at times frustrating. Like, what was I thinking with the sun right in her eyes! oh well. At the time of this shoot, I knew I wanted my style to feel less-traditional, less-posed…  I probably landed somewhere in the middle, really.

Regardless, since this is my little sister, and she was visiting me in Virginia, we had a lot of time to simply have fun, experiment, and totally exhaust ourselves. I’m so glad! (we also did a second shoot in california two months later, ha!) I’ve spent the last few days going through all these photos with a different purpose in mind. I’ve re-edited and chose to blog some of the in-between moments that were captured during the shoot. The laughter, the imperfect. I love those, and this is for me anyway, right?! ;) 

Ok, AND... here's one of Karlie and I from about 15 years ago?! OMG. <3

Jess + Webb | Portraits

We had a beautiful snowy Saturday, the type that's perfect for a little photo shoot. Webb and Jess were fabulous and I have to admit (as one who doesn't like being cold) that the lighting and beauty of the snow was so worth it! Pro tip: keep some hot hands in the car, so anyone who is cold can throw one in their pocket or in their boots ;).


Little Paper Crane FALL '15

The fall 2015 collection of hand made jewelry by Little Paper Crane. Hope the images give you a warm-n-moody, fall type of feeling like they do for me. ;)


Sasha + Tyler | Engaged

Sasha and Tyler are a blast. We took these engagement photos in and around downtown Lynchburg, VA.


Margaret | Portraits

Well.. my grandma passed away... This is my favorite old photo of her. She pulled it out a couple years ago to show me and my sister. She told us that she had it made to give to a man that she loved really early on. I know he went off to war. I don't remember if she said exactly how, but he ended up breaking her heart (I guess this is why the photo had been torn into pieces). I spent some time in Photoshop to restore the photo so I can have it printed and hung up on the wall. (is it bad I took out the "To Lloyd" part?! I hope not!) We went through some of her jewelry and things at her house to keep. The second to last photo is my dad, sister, and I after her service. We love you and miss you Grandma. ♥♥♥

Little Paper Crane | Look Book

New Spring inventory from Little Paper Crane jewelry and Out of Twig vintage clothing!

Models: Emily and Molly