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Out of Twig - Boudoir
Thank you again for an absolutely amazing day - that feeling was indescribable!
— Xoxo, Erica

What’s the scoop on these Boudoir Sessions?!

  • A beautiful way to celebrate and empower yourself.

  • Set up to be fun, affordable, streamlined, & super easy.

  • Everything in one location! (Private area for photos).

  • We’ll make use of moody lighting with some film vibes and natural poses!

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All Out - Package 1

  • Photo Session (30 min)

  • (1) 8x8 Soft-cover Album

  • Up to 3 outfit changes!

+ Chair Massage (20 min)

+ Facial Bar Rejuvenation

+ Professional Hair & Makeup


Stripped Down - Package 2

  • Photo Session (30 min)

  • (1) 8x8 Soft-cover Album

  • Up to 3 outfit changes!


If you choose the All-Out package, come just as you are! You’ll start with a massage, then make your way to the facial bar to prep for your professional hair & makeup.

There’s robes, snacks, champagne, music, and more!

Grab your friends and come spend an amazing day
celebrating body love and self-care.

The life changing power of loving yourself.

We live in a period of history where we are bombarded (like in-your-face bombs!) with images designed to manipulate us into buying something, anything, which “promises” to make us into something or someone “better” than who we are right now, at this moment.

Basically, the message is “you’re not good enough.”

And we believe it and have been believing it for decades. But to be a fully empowered woman means to have “power over” these outside, inorganic contrived messages from hawkers of the latest diet program, special creams, or life squishing body garments.

What if we decided we’d had enough manipulation? What if we defined beauty and worth on our own terms? What might it feel like? You could do anything because you know you’ve got the stuff! Your enjoyment for life continues to spring from the beauty inside of you. You love yourself freely and then spread that love out for others.

I constantly hear women saying they aren’t good enough right now. None of this is going to come as easy as long as self-loathing and comparison are the guiding principles that shackle our feminine spirit. It’s scary to start down the path of self-love because everything we’ve been taught to hate about ourselves will be standing on the sidelines jeering at us.

But if we keep going, we don’t stop, we refuse to self-indulge and
self-hate, we will become powerful lovers of ourselves, of others,
and of life itself.

You may not feel brave enough to be the raw you, but start by simply pondering what it might be like to love you as you are, no changes, or “upgrades”, or “improvements.” Full tilt love.

- This is my heart & soul in promoting these sessions. xoxo, Karissa


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