--  wedding timeline tips  --

When should the photographer arrive?

Typically 1 - 1.5 hrs before the bride puts on her dress

When should the bride put on her dress? well, keep reading!

What is photographed in that first hour?

• Detail Shots! Shoes, accessories, invitations, special mementos

• Getting Ready! A few final touches of hair/mu & e'ryone hanging out

• Guys! Tying ties and shoe laces, putting on cuff links etc

• Gals! Bride getting into her dress and shoes, putting on jewelry

  TIP:  Tidy up the area as you go to avoid a clutter distraction in these photos!

When should the bride get into her dress?

Generally 30-40 min before the ceremony, but this depends: 

• Will there be a first look with any family members?

• Will there be a first look with the Bride + Groom?

• Will you be opening any gifts/letters once dressed?

• Will we be doing any group photos before the ceremony?

  TIP: Taking some group photos before the ceremony saves time post-ceremony!

What do I need to know about family photos?

• Let family know *ahead of time* to stay post-ceremony so everyone's ready! (10-15min)

• I start with 1 side (i.e. B+G + Bride Extended Fam / Bride Gparents / Immediate / Parents)
then move to the other side to do the same. It helps to start with the larger crowd then go down the list so family can leave when done with their portion.

• I use this as my standard, but feel free to specify other desired shots in my week-of-wedding questionnaire that I send to gather last details!

• After family and full-bridal party photos, everyone except Bride + Groom is released to go enjoy cocktail hour or wait for introductions!

  TIP: Have a designated person helping corral the correct family members in place!

How much time should i allow for Bride + Groom portraits?

• Realistically, 30 min (depending on locations and travel time).

• Majority of the B+G photos can be taken during this time, but we know you're anxious to get to the party! Also, there's some beautiful light coming later, depending on the time of year!

• There's a last hurrah! We want to sneak you out for 15 min around sunset!
*ask about this for your reception timeline if sunset takes place during the Reception!

  TIP: Keep it just the B+G! We have things covered /it's more intimate & efficient!