--  wedding timeline tips  --

When should the photographer arrive?

Typically 1 - 1.5 hrs before the bride puts on her dress

When should the bride put on her dress? well, keep reading!

What is photographed in that first hour?

• Detail Shots! Shoes, accessories, invitations, special mementos

• Getting Ready! A few final touches of hair/mu & e'ryone hanging out

• Guys! Tying ties and shoe laces, putting on cuff links etc

• Gals! Bride getting into her dress and shoes, putting on jewelry

  TIP:  Tidy up the area as you go to avoid a clutter distraction in these photos!

When should the bride get into her dress?

Generally 30-40 min before the ceremony, but this depends: 

• Will there be a first look with any family members?

• Will there be a first look with the Bride + Groom?

• Will you be opening a gift/letter once dressed?

• Will we be doing any group photos before the ceremony?

  TIP: Taking some group photos before the ceremony saves time post-ceremony!

What do I need to know about family photos?

• Let family know *ahead of time* to stay post-ceremony so everyone's ready! (10-15min)

• I start with Bride’s side & then go to Groom’s side. It’s best to go from the largest group to small (Extended > Immediate > Parents > etc.)

• I have a questionnaire I send out for you to specify any adjustments to these shots! :) This is just my standard go-to.

• After family and full-bridal party photos, everyone except Bride + Groom is free to enjoy cocktail hour or wait for introductions!

  TIP: Have a designated person to help corral the correct family members in place!

How much time should i allow for Bride + Groom portraits?

• Realistically, 30 min (depending on locations and travel time).

• Majority of the B+G photos can be taken during this time, but we know you're anxious to get to the party!

• Also, there's some beautiful light coming later, depending on the time of year, let’s take some magical photos near sunset!
(*ask about this for your reception timeline if sunset takes place during the Reception!)

  TIP: Keep it just the B+G! We have things covered /it's more intimate & efficient!