hi! Karissa here.

California girl at heart, living in a state for lovers.

I've been in Virginia for 12 years now but I do sometimes miss the wide open skies and California sunshine. I came for a degree in Visual Communication Arts and stuck around to explore being an adult and to follow my passions. My mom would always talk about how beautiful Virginia was & she wasn’t wrong! ;) I'm still here! I’m married to Jeremy, who is everything I could hope for and didn’t know I needed. We have two dogs and a cat. We do a LOT together, including shooting weddings, & it’s perfect for us! ;)


My philosophy on photography has a lot to do with the fact that: time flies. It terrifies me…and intrigues me… and excites me, all at once. New chapters… new eras… new people… new ideas… new dreams... We can always renew ourselves so there’s something refreshing about knowing things pass and change and we continue to grow and learn. If your last decade was anything like mine, you know what I'm talking about! I might’ve gone through a few books, not mere chapters though?! :)

But photos are a constant. They’re an actual, tangible memory... we can literally pause it all for just a minute, to ground ourselves and reminisce on the good and even the bad. We’re invited back in time to get lost in a memory for a bit. I spent hours looking through the old albums my mom kept in the closet under our stairs. There’s something extra special about what people captured years ago, when you had to be so much more intentional about taking a photo. I hope to always be that intentional. I often think about what I’m capturing now in my life and what I will look back on.

Beauty is everywhere when we’re looking. It’s especially raw and wonderful in real life moments, moments that matter to us… ones that will still matter to us down the road… and capturing those well has become my career. I couldn’t be happier about that.

I love to work with people. I love to hear that you connect with my photos and that you’re already drawn to and energized by warm, natural light and the captivating emotions of a moment or interaction or setting. When the photos help tell your story, I know I’ve done my job well. When you believe that love and a connection with others is what it comes down to in the end, I know I’m in the right place.

Sweet moments, honest feelings, no drama. ;)

Come over and say hello!
- Karissa (& Jeremy!)


be in love with your life.
every minute of it.


- jack kerouac


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