hey! I'm Karissa. just a California girl at heart.

I've been in Virginia for 11 years now but I do miss wide open skies and california sunshine. I came for a degree in Visual Communication Arts and stuck around to explore being an adult and to follow passions. My mom always talked about how beautiful Virginia was, she's not wrong! ;) and I'm still here!

Time flies, which is kind of terrifying and intriguing at the same time.
New chapters, new eras, new people, new ideas, new dreams. If your last decade was anything like mine, you know what I'm talking about! It's more like I've gone through a few books, not just chapters. I'd like to pause it all for just one minute. Taking a photo is like stuffing the memories into a time capsule, one you can come back to whenever you'd like to open and get lost in time for a little while. There's something really special about the intentionality of seeing a moment and not only snapping the image but capturing the memory well.

I really like when others connect with my images. I'm pretty sure it means we see life in a similar way and should probably be best friends?! :) I know it means what resonates with me, resonates with you! So, that's a great start.

Now, stop by and say hello! I want to show off your love and memories.



be in love with your life.
every minute of it.


- jack kerouac


a tiny peek behind the scenes