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Let's see... I'm a California girl at heart. I'm sure it will always feel like home base, like seeing an old friend and picking up right where you left off. It's almost as if time stands still while I'm away and starts again as soon as my feet touch the ground and the sunshine hits my face.

I moved to Virginia to finish school (Visual Communication Arts) and to experience a new area. My mom always talked about how beautiful it was-  It really is! It *did* take a few years for it not to feel like I was still on a really long camping trip in the mountains. But, Virginia is where I began exploring adulthood & navigating my passions. It has an easy way about it. Before I even realized, it was the only home I had known while living on my own and I didn't necessarily have plans to move.

11 years later, I've been through a few versions of my adult life already (phases? eras?)... each one somehow feels like a lifetime on its own, yet, I sit here and think about how fast the years are going and it almost takes my breath away. Why does time have to go faster and faster! 

So, anyway, I'm finally to the photo part. :) I've always loved pictures. For THAT reason! Photos are little pauses in time, frozen forever. I really LOVE reliving moments and getting lost in albums for hours. I always have. Looking back on my 8th grade year and the memories that were already forgotten, I was glad for the photos with the friends I made in a new town and new school. I would sit in the closet under the stairs and flip through my moms photo albums and boxes full of photo envelopes. (hint: introvert!) I have always enjoyed solitude and I'm thankful for those quiet moments spent appreciating the perspective of whoever took the photo; the effort and beauty. It's almost too easy now, phones, digital cameras. You HAD to be so intentional about capturing those moments and having patience to develop film years ago... I love each of those photos for that. and also for the person behind the camera who made that effort and who saw the moments they wanted to pause.

Seeing moments that should be frozen in time & freezing the emotions, that's my ultimate goal with photos. I think that's the skill as a photographer that I will always work to achieve and refine. It's the photos that let you relive a moment over and over again, or for the first time, catching a glimpse of that feeling or moment as if you were there, those are the most precious. But, not just the greatest moments though, it's all the real moments that should be captured, the ones that make you feel something and draw you in... that bring you back.

So, you're asking yourself, what about me and you? Great question! I want to know a little more about you and will make it my goal to to capture you well! To show off your love and individuality, and most importantly, have some fun! Photos that feel natural and easy and real are the best ones, right? 

I believe every single shoot can feel that way. I hope that you'll trust me to see your beauty and bring out your best; to capture your favorite moments and memories in photos that you'll have for years to come. xoxo


The Knot Best of Weddings - 2018 Pick

A few thoughts on weddings...

I recently had someone describe to me the wedding day they had always envisioned... a spontaneous elopement on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just her and her groom. She told me how she's engaged to a wonderful man now who would actually love nothing more than for his family to be there on the big day. She said the truth was that she just wants to marry him and she's one of the lucky ones. So, she tucked way that little dream and dreamt up a new vision of her wedding day that included her grooms hopes and desires as well. That simple!

Love is hard to describe and I think it can be both easier and harder than we imagine. This bride chose her groom over herself in that moment that she decided to have a full wedding without even blinking. I believe we have to choose one another daily... of course not losing sight of ourselves, but seeing and appreciating the one we love for their own individuality. There's something about that feeling, being "one of the lucky ones;" which I take to mean you've found a person who makes life sweeter by being near them. It's what makes a "compromise" (like having a wedding when you'd always thought of eloping) worth it without question. It says a lot about the fact that they love and respect each other and that knowing one is happy, in turn makes the other really truly, genuinely, happy as well. 

It's always so nice to hear people emphasize their excitement to be together over all else, to celebrate their love whether that be with an elopement or with a full wedding guest list. Weddings are crazy big events that take lots of planning and hard work! They will stretch your patience and exhaust you with all the little decisions they require. The details and the rest of the day are amazing as well, but nothing quite beats the magic of a couple who is really just in it to live a sweet, intentional life together. For this kind of couple, there is nothing to stress about once the day arrives because the real goal will be met: they will be married and everyone will be celebrating. My hope and dream for you is that you feel this way too.

xo Karissa