How would you Describe your Style?

Ok, so I'll talk a little about my work style, portrait style, & what I look for in a location...

My work is primarily weddings... 
though I also love promoting small businesses with behind the scenes and look book style photos. I describe myself as a photo journalist for your wedding. I work to capture all the details and all the moments that show the love and energy of the day. I want you to have photos you'll share online, photos you'll print in albums and photos that will hang on your wall; that means a good mix of candids and portraits. 
When I pose portraits... 
I give you directions and micro directions while still wanting the moment to feel and look natural! Portraits especially, should be a reflection of you and I always want people to recognize themselves in their photos. I want others to see and feel these moments in the same way, as they look back on your day.
When I look for the ideal spot for portraits...
I take into consideration where the sun is and what background will give me the ideal look for light and my editing style. I'll note that mid-day/ mid-afternoon sun is not what I prefer but I can work with it; waiting until the sun is lower or finding shaded areas is much preferred. If a specified location is full-sun or patchy-shade, I'll let you know that the spot is not going to give us the ideal look and I will have some backup spots chosen!

What is your Editing Style and Process? 

I start by looking through every photo, checking for duplicates/triplicates, anything that didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped. Instead of removing all super similar shots, I'll take some of those as opportunities to throw in black and white options without having to limit a favorite photo to one or the other. 

Once I have the photos selected (usually around ~700 for a wedding day) I straighten, crop, and color edit each and every photo. Lightroom helps to streamlines this process, though it still takes me roughly 8 hours to edit a wedding! I like warm and engaging tones, straight horizon lines and well balanced photos. I don't sit down and do it all at once, I approach it in sections because I believe every photo you receive from me is important and deserves my full attention. 

Do you use a Second Photographer?

Yes! Most of the time, but I leave that up to you. I understand that most people are working with a budget and I give a few package options that allow some wiggle room with overall cost.

A second photographer is helpful in many ways, including having someone assist with portraits, being in two places at once, capturing multiple angles of a ceremony, etc. My husband, Jeremy, is my main second shooter. I have a few other people I work with as well - all of whom I trust to have a similar shooting-style and approach to a wedding day.

Photographers are with you for the entirety of your day. I think it's very important (for me and for you) that we have the right personalities and approach; being on the same page with our style and communication helps everything go very smoothly. We promise to be flexible, adaptable, keep a calm and problem-solving spirit, and ensure you that, though we are ever-present, we also aim to be a seamless part of your day without distracting your guests from celebrating you. 

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes. I shoot with Canon equipment. I have several camera bodies, lenses, batteries, memory cards, etc. I will always have options with me that allow me to shoot the distance I prefer as well as allow backup options in case something was to happen to a piece of equipment.

Can I choose to buy an album later?

Yep! Albums make great gifts for parents, in-laws, your future spouse. There are a lot of great options with sizes and leather or canvas covers. I can customize it for who you are intending to give it to. They are seriously so perfect as coffee table conversation pieces. See a few photos below of the cutest "mini album" option.

see a mini album preview