frequently asked Q's


How do you describe your style?

I believe beauty is truly found in the moments that matter to each of us. What will you look back on when you’re 80 years old that still gives you pause? What brings a genuine smile to your face and emotions to the front of your heart? The joy, the aches of our hearts, time spent with people who understand us and love us. My favorite photos are the ones that represent a couple well and give off an energy that matches them and their day. So, my style? I want warmth and a little enchantment to shine through your photos, inviting others in to share that moment. I take photos of what I see happening, photos of the couple that represent them well, and edits that share the depth and richness, the life textures and grit, the captivating light and love that keep you coming back to them.

What should I expect during a shoot? 

An easy, effortless time hanging with me. I'm low-key fun and I enjoy hearing about you. On a wedding day, I'm with you like a fly on the wall (wait... there has to be a better example/idiom for that lol!) For portraits, I'm searching for interesting light and compositions for your photos. Sometimes I'm up close, sometimes I back off, while also communicating with you so you don't have to think about what to do next. Super easy. It's more like hanging out, and I'm a pretty great third wheel tbh! ;) And of course, I'm always making sure you look great together and are having fun.

How many photos do we receive from a session? 

I give you everything that I love, without specific limits :). That goes for engagements, weddings, and other. That being said, I can share some averages; for 1-2 hour sessions, you'll normally receive 125-150 photos. Wedding days can average anywhere from 700-800. I deliver online galleries, cool wooden flash drives, and leather bound album options. It's up to you how you'd like to receive them!

Do you use a second photographer for weddings?

Typically, yes. I love having the assistance on the day of a wedding. Even if just in the collaborative-effort-sense. It is super helpful to have someone else getting detail shots and candids of guests. I have a couple highly trusted & wonderfully talented people who work with me.


What is the meaning behind “Out of Twig”?

When I started it, I was taking photos and finding cool vintage clothes for photo shoots. I found so many cool vintage clothes, it was like people were tossing bags of barely worn, super cool, 1960s-80s clothes out in heaps over here in Virginia. I snagged them up, all sizes, all kinds of stuff I loved or thought someone else would love, and I eventually had a small store front where I sold it all. While I was thinking of a name back in those beginning stages, I did a bunch of digging into phrases I liked. I had come across “out of twig,” old british slang for being considered “out of fashion.” You were either “in twig” or “out of twig.” I liked it for representing “out of fashion” things that were back in fashion for some, I liked it because I don’t exactly care about what’s “in fashion” as much as doing what I like. I like the way it sounds even if you don’t know any of that. :)

How long have you been doing weddings?

I've been taking on a full-load of weddings for the last couple years now. I also love portraits, styled shoots, and lookbook stuff. Anything that lets me get a little creative with light and show stuff off. I've been doing that sort of thing for nearly 10 years. Weddings were sprinkled in here and there at the beginning and I assisted on several before ever shooting them solo. I like to stay around 20 weddings/year so that I give the best of myself to the couples who hire me, while also leaving some time for other stuff I love.. be it other types of shoots or travel, etc. The balance leaves me refreshed and excited about what I do. I always have something going on and really love when I save enough time to share in the passions of friends and their worlds.

Why should we choose you?

Great question! ;) Mostly, I hope you choose me because you’ve already connected with the sorts of images I create, while also knowing that I care about you and your moments. I believe in going the extra mile (even to my own detriment; I’m working on that ;)!) I’m not so much in the business of weddings as I am the business of loving others well and connecting with people. I work hard to keep things easy, natural, peaceful. I deliver great photos and let you relive those experiences you had through each heartfelt image. There's not much that can ruffle my feathers; you won't see me stressed. I’m flexible and understanding. There is always a solution. I love having your back and truly being an asset to your experience.

Let's do this!  xo Karissa