Friends, Coffee, Vintage


These photos are from 2014, at a time that I decided not to quit two things I hadn't done in awhile - 1) curate and sell vintage clothing & 2) take photos. There was about a year that passed by where I questioned what I wanted to do with my life (not that I really had it figured out before...). But, it was one of those years where everything is turned upside down and you really have to re-think all your choices in order to come out at the end knowing who you are and what you really love. It's crazy to me now that I even questioned whether or not I wanted to be a photographer. I love it more than most things. (It's actually all that I want to be doing, all the time. let's be honest ♥︎)  I've said this elsewhere, but this is the same year I also had very little gear (no camera, computer... or a car, or job for that matter) and was starting life from scratch again. ANYWAY, this night was basically at the end of that era! We had a craft night. I went to my friend Anita's house with a borrowed camera and some vintage clothes that needed some alterations. Jess brought her sewing machine and we had a great time hanging out, dressing up, sewing clothes, drinking coffee, and simply living life.

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Karissa Grantham