Karlie | Portraits


Ah... this was refreshing! These are senior photos of my little sister, from 2 years ago.

I recently attended @heckyeahphotocamp (it was SO great!). I've made some plans and goals for myself to feel reinvigorated and inspired. I’m redoing my website. I want to create new blog posts (of old stuff) with an editing style that’s more consistent. Looking back is so interesting! and at times frustrating. Like, what was I thinking with the sun right in her eyes! oh well. At the time of this shoot, I knew I wanted my style to feel less-traditional, less-posed…  I probably landed somewhere in the middle, really.

Regardless, since this is my little sister, and she was visiting me in Virginia, we had a lot of time to simply have fun, experiment, and totally exhaust ourselves. I’m so glad! (we also did a second shoot in california two months later, ha!) I’ve spent the last few days going through all these photos with a different purpose in mind. I’ve re-edited and chose to blog some of the in-between moments that were captured during the shoot. The laughter, the imperfect. I love those, and this is for me anyway, right?! ;) 

Ok, AND... here's one of Karlie and I from about 15 years ago?! OMG. <3